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TThe Choke Demon range of shotgun choke tube removal tools have been designed to extract a range choke tubes which have become stuck and can’t be removed using finger keys. Each tool is precision machined and individually constructed to fit a particular choke tube brand or a specific choke tube dimension supplied by the customer. Designed in consultation with F.J. Wiseman gunmakers our tools are designed to be used by individuals as well as professional gunsmiths and offer a simple and cost-effective method of extracting stubborn chokes.

Suitable for Teague, Perazzi, Briley, Beretta & Browning style choke tubes

Each removal tool has the ability to be converted into a handy ‘travel kit’ which fits easily into your kit and features a drilled and tapped body with 2 straight threaded and knurled arms and comes with a 5.00mm hex key and contained in a handy weatherproof case.

All our choke removal tools, finger keys and speed key are designed and manufactured inhouse in our engineering facility based in the UK. We source and use premium grade materials – 316 Stainless Steel, quality Titanium and other high-grade materials that ensure the integrity and lifespan of our tools and each one is also 100% recyclable.

We offer a totally bespoke manufacturing service to cater for customers who require a tool tailored to a specific choke

At Choke Demon we pride ourselves on precision engineering, offering support to our customers and providing quality products to the shooting market.

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